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Mixing principle for food Disclosure Number: IPCOM000178832D
Publication Date: 2009-Jan-26
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Mixing principle for food

Background of the invention

When a hand mixer is used, particles or drops of the substances being mixed are likely to spill out of the mixing bowl due to the rotation introduced by the whisks. In the art, a well known solution to this problem is to prevent spilling out by placing a cover over the mixing bowl. Sadly, this well known solution has various drawbacks, e.g. positioning of the mixing device in the bowl is limited by the cover and limited options for the user to inspect the progress of the mixing (for instance due to a non-transparent cover or a transparent cover being fouled in the mixing process).

The essential feature of the invention

The problems of the prior art are solved by a mixer comprising a blower unit and optionally a heater / cooler unit. Air speed, nozzle direction, nozzle diameter and (optionally) air temperature can be adjusted to obtain the optimal result.

Three different modes are distinguished:
1. low air speed at room temperature for anti-splash results with beaters
2. medium air speed with hot or cold air to accelerate the mixing with beaters, bringing more air and a favorable temperature level into the mixed components
3. high air speed with hot or cold air, to achieve mixing results even without any beater

Detailed description of the invention

The invention is illustrated by the...