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Generic Context Service for SOA Environment Disclosure Number: IPCOM000178875D
Original Publication Date: 2009-Jan-28
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2009-Jan-28
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A solution for building a generic context service in the SOA world is disclosed.

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Generic Context Service for SOA Environment

In the Service Oriented Architecture ( SOA) world, an application may consist of services which may be implemented through different technologies and assembled into a brand new application. Service A may talk with Service B by Web-Service; Service B may talk with Service C by Java Message Service (JMS), and so on. Service Component Architecture (SCA) defines a simple, service-oriented model for construction, assembly, and deployment of a services network.

Many service technologies define their own context, for example Web-Service context for web service, Enterprise Java Beans (EJB) context for EJB, etc. If the services are not of the same type, the following two problems may occur:
1.Context propagation problem in which a service context can not be propagated to its target service smoothly; and
2.Context access problem in which service context can not be accessed by the services through their own existing way.

For problem 1, the context propagation problem, one solution is to translate one context format to another when preparing an invoking message in business logic. This solution does not reduce the complexity, but leaves it to the business logic developer. Another shortcoming of this solution is that it makes the business logic coupled closely with special technical staff.

For problem 2, the context access problem, one solution is to transform specific context format from one format to another and propagate the context. This solution's shortcoming is that when there are several context formats (more than 3), the transformer quantity will become huge.

The disclosed solution is to build a generic context service for an SOA environment. By using the generic context service, the context can be propagated among multiple services, and the s...