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IP Card concept for music, video, software streaming Disclosure Number: IPCOM000179042D
Original Publication Date: 2009-Feb-05
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2009-Feb-05
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One of the problems we see in music, video, software development and delivery is the increase of piracy. The problem is that any piece of software, music, video, data can easily copied an reproduced. Some solutions exist today but they are either easy to bypass or difficult to implement. The present disclosure is a means to use the streaming concept to listen music, watch video or install software. With this solution there is no need to store the information or music or video. The concept is the following: Instead of selling a CD or a DVD, the vendor will sell a small plastic card (with an RFID TAG,or a proc, or a chip, or any component allowing to store information (write one, read many)).

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IP Card concept for music, video, software streaming

The plastic card will contains :

A unique identification known by the seller corresponding to a movie, music album, software, etc.

The seller can personnalize the plastic card when it is bought (with the name of the buyer or anything he wants).

When the buyer wants to listen the music or watch a video, he inserts the card into the reader and the reader connects to the server with the card ID, IP adress and any information stored on the card in order to get the information.

The music, movie, software is then streamed from the seller to the buyer. Advantages

It is easy to control.

All the card can be personnalized in order to be funny and represent what it is sold.

Cards can be stored in a small boxe.

The music, movie, software is always up to date and in good shape.

The card can have a permanent utilization or number of times utilization.

OUT: video, music, soft






  Unique identification number

Music, Software, Video, ….

 Card Reader IP Connection

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