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A technique for simplifying virtualized system configurations Disclosure Number: IPCOM000179072D
Original Publication Date: 2009-Feb-05
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2009-Feb-05
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Disclosed is a method for simplifying the configuration steps required to build Logical Partitions (LPAR) on IBM's System P servers. This method offers an advantage over current practices by removing many of the manual and error prone steps as well as reducing the time to configure LPARs on a system.

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A technique for simplifying virtualized system configurations

Today it requires someone skilled at in the creation of LPARs to define and configure System p™ servers into multiple LPARs including LPARs for the Virtual I/O server (VIOS). The two approaches used today include the use of the Hardware Maintenance Console (HMC) or the Integrated Virtualization Manager (IVM). Both approaches require the user to cycle through multiple gui panels and make configuration decisions along the way. How many processors, memory, what adapter go with what partition, which devices to virtualize, assignment of virtual SCSI slots and virtual lan ids. The HMC and IVM provide the means to make these configuration decisions but it takes time, it can be error prone and requires someone with configuration experience.

This invention is a technique to simplify the process for the customer or system integrator. The main idea is to provide the customer a choice of predefined system configurations based on best practices. The customer chooses a graphical representation of their desired configuration. These graphical representations of the system would show different configurations and be based on best practices for setting up systems. For example, one graphical representation may show a system that has a VIOS and three client partitions. A second graphical representation may show a system with dual VIOS partitions with two client partitions. A third graphical representation may show a configurati...