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Optimum redundant/duplicate translation system Disclosure Number: IPCOM000179103D
Original Publication Date: 2009-Feb-06
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2009-Feb-06
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Disclosed is a system/method for optimizing translation process. Generally, there are many duplicate segments in files for translation. The key factor of efficiency and quality of translation is how to treat these duplicate segments. Process translation of redundant/duplicate words in descending order of some priorities. With this total system/each method, user can improve efficiency of translation time without degrading translation quality. This system/method can be used as not only total system, but also each method itself depends on the situation or skill level.

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Optimum redundant/duplicate translation system

Fig.1 shows flow chart of translation system/method for redundant/duplicate translation.

Fig.1 Total translation system/method

Process 4-1 Priority - Word count (Fig.1 process 4-1)
Process translation in descending order of word count.

Maximize performance of translation word count per hour.

Calculate duplicated word count multiplying word count of segment by duplicated count.
Duplicated word count = duplicated segment count x Word count

This method is very useful for GUI translation, because GUI resource file has no context in that file.

Process 4-2 Priority - Duplicated ratio(Fig.1 process 4-2)
Process translation in descending order of duplicated ratio.

Thresh hold is set greater than 90%, but this value can be changed depending on the skill of translator.

If duplicated ratio is grater than 90%, translator can translate this segment with context in the file.(Fig.2)

Translate with context is very important to keep translation quality
Method (Fig.2) is more efficiency than method(Fig.3)


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Fig.2 With priority of duplicated ratio                             Fig.3 Without priority of duplicated ratio

Duplicated ratio = (Duplicated segment count in a file) / (Untranslated segment...