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Vertical BGA Disclosure Number: IPCOM000179105D
Original Publication Date: 2009-Feb-06
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2009-Feb-06
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New vertical assembled Print circuit board structure is introduced in this article

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Vertical BGA

Disclosed is a print circuit board structure for saving footprint area by using Vertical Ball Grid

Alley method.

It is effective in saving footprint area to use vertical assembled print circuit board (PCB) for many products if taller component can be used. There are various methods of vertical assembled PCB. Fig.1 is one of examples. Board-B has big hole to assemble Board-



Fig. 2 shows new method. Board-


                         has solder balls for solder joining and two projections. The projections are different size in order to avoid mounting indirectly to Board-B. Board-



mounted on Board-B by reflow soldering method. Board-


seems to be BGA parts.

From the PCB wiring point of view, this vertical BGA method is more advantageous than another vertical assembled method.

Fig.3 shows the circuit wiring image with big hole on Board-


                                          (called "Another method"). Wiring direction is up side only from the upper pads due to big hole. So, this method needs much wiring area to fan out the circuits between Board-B's edge and Board-


. The new method requires


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smaller holes on Board-B compared with "Another method". So down side can be used as wiring space like Fig.4. This means that this new method needs few wiring area to fan out the circuits between Board-B's edge and Board-