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Automatic Discovery and Configuration Process of the Launch Points for Launch In Context Mechanism. Disclosure Number: IPCOM000179145D
Original Publication Date: 2009-Feb-06
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2009-Feb-06
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The Storage Management Applications need to display the appropriate information about the storage device within the selected context of the launching Storage Management Application. To facilitate this process, a framework to discover and configure the launch points for Launch In Context Mechanism is suggested.

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Automatic Discovery and Configuration Process of the Launch Points for Launch In Context Mechanism.


Disclosed is a process to discover and configure the launch points by a launching Storage Management Application to serving Storage Management application attached to a storage device. Launching Storage Management Application is the one which launches the Storage Management Application that is serving the launch points to it.


The invention addresses following problems that the customer will face while performing the launch in context:

1. Customers would like to launch the launching Storage Management (SM) applications from within the context of a serving SM Application. But the launch points for the launching SM applications are not known to the customers while launching.

2. To look for the launch points is time consuming and involves launching the serving SM application before deciding on the launch points.

3. Serving SM application need to predefine the launch points for launching SM Applications. The launch points may change or new launch points may be added by the launcher SM Applications and launching SM application will not be able to configure these launch points without physically editing the configuration files or in worst case scenario, changing the code.


To solve the problem, the serving Storage Management (SM) applications will implement a framework to serve the launch points when queried.

The launching SM application will query the serving SM application while running the discovery process.

The Serving SM application will serve the launch points with related parameters to the Launching SM application in an XML file.

The Launching SM application will read the XML file with launch points that the Serving SM application has provided and Launching SM application
can now configure to launch the Serving Storage Management application in context. The Launch points will be displayed as the pop-up menu items for different entities such as Storage Subsystem entity in topology view.

The framework to automatically detect and serve the launch points and the corresponding parameters is as follows:

Every Storage Management application needs to serve the launch points xml file. The WSDL (Web Services Definition Language) file provides information about which


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services can be launched from the Launching SM application. This can be based on entity type, vendor, version of the Launching SM application and version the application to be launched.

The Launching SM application l...