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Realtime Replay by record of user operation Disclosure Number: IPCOM000179230D
Original Publication Date: 2009-Feb-10
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2009-Feb-10
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Internet shopping became lighthearted shopping center for world wide people, because of explosive growth of personal computer and broadband Internet connection. Internet shopping will become common to aged person from now. But, much trouble occur caused by error in user operation proportional to user. So, Call Center as contact point is critical to Internet company for problem resolution. Telephone opereter often hears customer operation, and duplicates problem to solve problem. But this means can not duplicate minutes of work or mouse operation. A disclosed program that helps telephone operator by duplication of user operation timely. Web synchronizing services have been around for recent years. Web synchronizing services use Computer Telephony Integration. This service is synchronized with user operation when user calls call center. It can not duplicate problems truthfully occurs before user calling. Our means holds operation data, So it can track back user operation. 1) Storage function for actual network data It captures packets transferred between clients and servers on Web server. Because of large amount of network traffic, it capture only HTTP packets. It attaches cookeis for session administration on HTTP server, and uses this cookie when replay the traffic. 2) Replay user's Web operation archive data with real network data. By using cookie for session administration, it specifies user data memorized in DB, and displays those data at browser.

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Realtime Replay by record of user operation

A disclosed program that enable analyzing errors or bugs which generated before user call.

It is different from existing Web synchronizing services.

It can not get dynamic data from access log and so on.

But, it will be able to replay user operation by this method.

Add to this, it will be able to help not only telephone operator for problem solving

but also system testing or program vulnerability and picking out problem.

Unkike any other system (includes CTI service), we don't need any installation at user system. Following Fig1 shows system example using this means.


   user environment


user operation






Call Center environment

replay request

replay operation

replay response

1) Capture module

It captures request/response data, and saves these data in DB.
2) Player

Player replays request which is searched from DB.
3) Replay module.

Replay module displays data at browser.

Following Fig2 shows this means detail.


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business system

HTTP Server module




user terminal


capture request/response

disclosed program

Capture module

Capture module


pick out request data

of appropriate user's

pick out response data

set of request

replay request