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Rapid Access to Mail Disclosure Number: IPCOM000179251D
Original Publication Date: 2009-Feb-10
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2009-Feb-10
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Enabling Rapid Access to embedded e-Mails by using the contents of addressee field.

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Rapid Access to Mail

Many e-mail systems organize mail based on the first addressee in the e-mail, e.g. a mail can be found by sorting the "sent" view on the address field. But clearly in these applications there are limitations e.g. early portions of a note string may be deleted for de-cluttering, while the user saves only the most recent note. This often prevents the user from finding the desired mail as the contents of the addressee field may have changed in the e-mail thread. Another existing approach to this problem is to use desktop search tools, such as desktop Google*. However, this has disadvantages. First, it may return a great amount of data, often uninteresting. Secondly, the search doesn't understand the semantics of addressing and cannot interpret distribution lists, nor find mail which may have been addressed to users at an alternate address, e.g.


This article suggests a method for finding e-mails by addressee, whether the addressee is explicitly named first in the text of the "to:" list, or not. This article introduces an enhancement to the electronic mail (email) systems to allow e-mail to be associated with the collection of named addressees. If a distribution list is used, the individual addressees are entered into the associated collection. A user may determine, for example, all the documents sent to a given addressee, by determining whether the given addressee is present in e-mail associated collec...