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Design for a Sidebar Email Conversation Disclosure Number: IPCOM000179259D
Original Publication Date: 2009-Feb-10
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2009-Feb-10
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This disclosure describes a feature which allows a user to have a "sidebar" conversation during a normal email thread exchange, and at the end of the "sidebar" conversation this feature allows an easy way to update the group from the original email thread.

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Design for a Sidebar Email Conversation

Design for a Sidebar Email ConversationDesign for a Sidebar Email Conversation

The diagram shows a high level overview of the feature. You can see a Main Thread on the left side and a smaller Sidebar Thread on the right side. The "M" in "M-Email" stands for "main email", and the "S" in "S-Email" represents the "sidebar email". In this scenario each M-Email box represents an email that was exchanged between a list of people. The same boxes represent emails on the Sidebar thread side. At M-Email4, a user decided to have a "sidebar" conversation. This is the point where a user calls a "Sidebar!". Clicking on the "Sidebar!" button instead of a "Reply" or "Reply to All" will start a Sidebar! conversation:

At this point, the initiating user will be given a list of names to pick from . The list of names is built from the To: and CC: fields in the original email thread. There is also an option for the user to type in a new name to include in the Sidebar!. One or more names can be chosen from the list and will then be applied to the To: field of the first Sidebar! email. Any history available from the main email thread will automatically be included at this point in the Sidebar! thread. Standard text will be placed in this first Sidebar! email that states """"You have been called into a SidebarYou have been called into a SidebarYou have been called into a Sidebar

conversation "

                                     """. This line of text could be similar to Notes, when we do a message. In those cases there is an icon and design included in the top of the email message. The user can then add any additional text they would like and send the email .

The Sidebar conversation will continue like a normal email thread , but the emails will be tagged as "Sidebar Conversations". This will allow each sidebar conversation email , in the diagram ,

,,, S-Email,

S-Email2, and S-Email3, to have a new menu option which would allow any user included in the sidebar

conversation to easily go back and update the entire group from the Main email thread. They would do this using the "Reply to Original All" button. The pull down option on this button will have two options:
1) Reply to Original All with sidebar history .

This will include any sidebar thread history available , in the reply to the original email group.

2) Reply to Original All without sidebar history .

This will exclude any sidebar thr...