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Phone System Awareness in Instant Messaging Disclosure Number: IPCOM000179270D
Original Publication Date: 2009-Feb-10
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2009-Feb-10
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This article describes the concept of integrating information pulled from a phone system into an instant messaging client.

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Phone System Awareness in Instant Messaging

Phone System Awareness in Instant MessagingPhone System Awareness in Instant Messaging

Main Idea

Main IdeaMain Idea

Many of us in Support send out Announcements throughout the day for many different reasons: examples are,

"Will log on soon, I am with a customer"

" Software based phone system crashing (For people who are working remote)

" Asking if any SWE is talking to a specific customer without being dispatched to a call"

These announcements are sent out to all the engineers on the team, even the Managers: depending on which team you send it to even tho

it was only meant to be sent to the engineers that are signed on to their phone shift.

These announcements get annoying after a while, Managers and other SWE's do not want to want to be interrupted by them.

This example shows why it would be convenient to have phone status integrated into an instant messaging system. It is especially relevant to a phone call based business such as in a phone support environment. The only current solution is to select the contacts individually , this concept provides a more automatic mechanism.

It is proposed that Sametime be tagged with our phone lines such that the minute we sign on a phone logo will appear near our name:

An option would be to be able to change our status on the phone.

The concept is the integration of information pulled from a phone system, used by an instant messaging client...