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Graph Theory based automated interactive L1 Support System Disclosure Number: IPCOM000179518D
Original Publication Date: 2009-Feb-16
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2009-Feb-16
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A graph theory based automated interactive L1 Support System is introduced in this publication. It shows how to automatically handle customers' questions and problems using graph theory. The handling process is an interactive process like nature talking.

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Graph Theory based automated interactive L

Graph Theory based automated interactive LGraph Theory based automated interactive L 1


111.... Problems we have now

Problems we have nowProblems we have now

Nowadays, in order to win the competition among plenty of providers with similar service/product, providers try to provide more and more comfortable and complex customer support for users. The end user of customer service changed to more wider scope. They could be users with less knowledge of the product/service and they may have a lot of repeated usage related questions. How to provide high quality of services to a large amount of users with lower cost? Cost for dealing with customer questions and complains will be much more higher than product/service selling price. Some companies out-source their customer service to call center in the country with lower labor price in order to reduce cost.

Call center's major responsibility is to filter customer questions and to provide answers if it can be found in some list. If not, they will try to get sufficient information and open tickets to technical support in internal system. Employees in call center are usually not required of much technical skills. But since the process is done manually and different type of questions need different types of input. It could happen that collected data is insufficient for investigating the problem .

A graph theory based automated interactive L1 Support System can provide more cheaper and accurate solution. There are already some non-interactive web based method to let users query solutions, for example, traditional web FAQ system and top questions system. These are not sufficient and friendly enough for non-professional users, because they may be puzzled and confused by some steps. Our solution uses graphic theory to do search and can communicate users in an interactive way . This solution has 2 highlights:
1. It uses interactive way to get user input .

It is more like natural talk and more comfortable for non-professional users. It is

better than let user to fill out a long form and better than let user navigate themselves on a web page.
2. It uses graphic theory and system can search backwards if the first hit doesn't match user's expectation.


222.... Summary of Invention

Summary of InventionSummary of Invention

In order to increase user satisfaction and reduce cost. We designed an automated L1 support system based on graph theory .

A user will open a chat session. Then he/she will be asked question by question to determine the solution scope. The system will analyze the possibility of answers according to his answers. When user finally reached the end of question chain or he/she wants to stop answering questions, all founded possible answers will be ordered according to their possibility. First n possible answers will be provided to...