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Single Level Walkaway Disclosure Number: IPCOM000179612D
Publication Date: 2009-Feb-19
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Conventionally, Walkaway uses a multi level downhole seismic tool to separate downgoing and upgoing wavefield. A downhole seismic array consists of several levels of 3-component geophones and/or hydrophones spaced about 15 meters. The sensors are connected by flexible cable and the array has high risk in lost in hole. Such array is also very expensive. Others have developed technologies to image subsurface by using 1)acoustic emission of hydraulic fracturing of rocks and 2)drillbit as sources by using 3-component downhole sensors. The technology is to orient the signal axis for direct arrival by using a 3-component tool and look for reflected events based on the direct arrival (A reference document is available). The invention is to use conventional surface seismic sources with single level 3-component downhole sensors.

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