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Isolation of live process of an application and merging/spliting of application software partitions Disclosure Number: IPCOM000179655D
Original Publication Date: 2009-Feb-20
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2009-Feb-20
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Disclosed is a method to create an isolated environment for a set of live processes associated with an application. It also deals with merging and splitting of application software partitions

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Isolation of live process of an application and merging /spliting of application software partitions

Yogesh G Patgar, Purushotama Padmanabha, Murali Vaddagiri

Application software partitions(also known as application WPARs)

provide an environment fo

isolation of applications and their resources to enable checkpoint, restart and relocation at the application level. Application software partitions have less overhead on system resources and are lighter weight compared to system workload partitions

An application is running with set of processes and the administrator wants to group these

processes in to an isolated environment, he can move these processes in an application software

partition with out affecting the live process. In the same way administrator is able to move the

set of processes from application software partitions to the global environment or to another application software partition.

This invention helps the administrator to perform the above activities as explained below:-

1) Creating an isolated environment for a set of live process associated with an application.

a. Tracing the processes of an application with help of process tree in AIX environment.

pid of application > gives the list of processes executed by the application

which includes Childs and siblings) .

Or we can specify the list of processes we want to isolate by giving their respective PIDs.

b. List of PIDs which is to be isolated is stored in the array called plist[ ]

c. Move all the processes in the plist[ ] array to a single application software partition with use of brand routine and by changing their corral id.



2) Moving set of process associated with an application from application software partitions to global environment or to another application software partition.

a. List all the processes running inside application software partitions related to particular application.

b. Change the corral id's of these processes to 0 to move them to the global environment and change parent process id to 1.

c. If the processes needs to be moved to another application software partitions then change the corral id's to destination application software partitions corral id and parent PID to destination application software partitions vinit's PID.

d. Terminate source application software partition if no other process running except vinit.



ps -T <



-n abc -



process ids> /* move processes listed in to inside wpar

'abc' */

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-n abc -p <

process ids> /* move set of processes listed,

from wpar 'abc' to global environment */

poutwpar -n abc -p <

process ids> -d xyz /* move set of processes from

wpar 'abc' to wpar 'xyz' */

3) Method to split/merge/group the application software partitions to ease the system administration tasks (relocation, resource allocation).

a) To split a given application software partition in to multiple application software


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