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Smartcard cell phone Disclosure Number: IPCOM000179695D
Original Publication Date: 2009-Feb-23
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2009-Feb-23
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The idea of the invention is to have a "smart card" and a "cell phone" as just a single device, the smart card cellphone.

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Smartcard cell phone


Today many people are swamped by the many features of current cell phones. Many do want only a simple cell phone for calling. On the other hand people carry smartcards for doing electronic cash.


There are smart cards, and there are cell phones getting smaller each year. There is no "smart card cell phone" until now ...

First some general information on smart cards which are used mainly in Automated teller machines (ATM) as smart card readers.

"credit card size" means dimensions 85,60 × 53,98 mm x 0.76mm:


There exists the concept of disposable cell phones:



It has no display costs around 20$.

There exists even "credit card sized" cell phone (Samsung P310): one/
But it is 8.5mm thick, which is 11.2 times as thick as smart cards.

There exists a credit card sized MP3 player: 3423.shtml
The dimensions of it are W=85.6mm × h=53.98mm × d=2.5mm, which is 3.3 times as thick as a smart card.

The idea of the invention is to make the smart card act as a simple cell phone in addition to smart card functionality.


Like the credit card sized MP3 player from Walltech the smart card will be attached with a flat USB connector expansion. There will be a head...