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Method and apparatus to update GPS maps by driver/GPS disagreement from crowd terminals Disclosure Number: IPCOM000179867D
Original Publication Date: 2009-Mar-02
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2009-Mar-02
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This article introduces a method and corresponding apparatus to automatically update GPS system's map. Currently, GPS navigating systems are widely used by drivers. However, many maps in GPS systems are out of date, which will cause waste of oil, waste of time, and even dangerous. This invention provides a new way that uses driver/GPS disagreement (driver doesn't follow the navigating route provided by GPS) information from many GPS terminals, and find common disagreements that mean high potential locations of wrong GPS map. By this way, map providers can quickly identify the wrong information in their maps and fix them.

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Method and apparatus to update GPS maps by driver/GPS disagreement from crowd terminals

1. Background

GPS based navigation systems are widely used by car drivers. The GPS industry grows very fast around the world. For example, in China GPS related revenue will reach to 10 billion RMB in 2010 according to the forecasting of ccidconsulting (赛赛赛赛). Among different terminals of GPS navigation system, GPS mobile phone (mobile phone with GPS system) occupies large percentage of the new GPS terminals. Around 2.8 million GPS mobile phones were sold out in 2008, grew over 100%.

In another side, GPS navigation system in China meets a problem of the up-to-date digital map. Because the roads in China changes very fast, many new roads, bridge and high ways are built, and many old roads disappeared without notification. This situation caused a critical problem that many GPS maps are out of date. The wrong maps causes wasting oil,

wasting time, even dangerous.

Updating GPS maps to latest road system is very difficult in China's changing environment. The current solution of updating maps including
(1) Update maps by map provider.

The drawback is it need check all roads to update maps. This way is time and money consuming.
(2) U.S. 6546334 Car navigation map update system and car navigation terminal
This patent describes a method and device to broadcast the data of map update to the GPS terminals. The data transmission is from the map data provider to the map user's GPS terminal. It only update the data in the GPS, but not the verse-visa. Out invention is to collect data from individual GPS terminal based on the disagreement information collected by GPS terminals, and use this information along with a set of mechanism and device to process such information into map data.
(3) U.S. 5712899 Mobile location reporting apparatus and methods
This patent describes a method to generate a map based on the communication between a driver with a GPS and a base communication unit. The driver with the GPS drives the car around and tell the operator by voice the geographics information he sees, and the operator draws a visual image base on the information provided by the driver with voice. While our invention is a automatic system based on the disagreement information collected automatically by the GPS device.

(4) U.S. 6526352 Method and arrangement for mapping a road
This patent use the combination of one camera, one laser radar and two GPS receivers and antennas to equipt a vehicle to gather geographic information. This invention focuses on solving the problem of gathering geographic information for the first place,

while our invention is to correct/improve the map

information based on the interaction between human(car driver) and the GPS guidance system. There are some other patent and published applications, but all of them cannot solve t...