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Method for Automatic Elevator Car Call Cancellation Disclosure Number: IPCOM000179951D
Original Publication Date: 2009-Mar-03
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2009-Mar-03
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One frequently experiences elevator stops on floors for which there are no waiting passengers. There are various reasons for this, including when multiple cars stop at a floor and passengers use the first one, or more often when people change their minds and just leave the area. A method of avoiding these stops would improve the efficiency of an elevator system and reduce the time people spend on the elevator.

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Method for Automatic Elevator Car Call Cancellation

This invention consists of a method by which a detection mechanism is installed in the proximity of the elevator waiting area on each floor. If a call signal on that floor is activated, the detection mechanism is activated. If the area is vacated for any reason for more than a presettable period of time, then the call is automatically cancelled.

A sample process would be:
Potential rider hits elevator call signal on floor X

Elevator receives signal and adds floor X to list of stops. This may also involve an optimization on which elevator to service the request with if multiple cars are involved.

The potential rider leaves the elevator lobby area. No other people remain in the lobby area.

Detection mechanism registers that the lobby area is empty:
Use of heat signature detection using infrared sensors that measure differences between ambient temperature and hot spots in the lobby area detects lack of hot spots for a period of more than Y seconds.

Call signal is automatically cancelled.

Having people enter and then the lobby area (i.e., passing through) is accounted for by the requirement that the heat signatures remain in the area continuously without leaving for more than Y seconds in order to maintain the call signal activation.

Elevator car(s) remove floor X from list of stops.

Preferred embodiments for detection of waiting passengers include body heat recognition, noise...