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3D Process Driven Hospital Restructure Disclosure Number: IPCOM000180097D
Original Publication Date: 2009-Mar-04
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2009-Mar-04
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Healthcare transformation impacts not only the processes at hospitals, but also the structure and design of the wards. Many hospital need to restructure, expand or move the wards from one place to a new place. In most cases, the design is being conducted on paper by the architects, and does not have the tools to evaluate the new layout or structure of the wards. Emergency Rooms, Operation Rooms, the hospitals different wards change location every few years, while the hospital administration and processes are changing now continuously as a result of the healthcare transformation. There is no solution that enables to design a new ward, using the processes and the behavior of the medical staff as input. Modeling is static approach and does not capture the dynamic nature of the work in the hospital. One real example of a failure is a case where a new Emergency room was built, but had to be reduced to 30% of the size as the original design did not take into account the caring process and the amount of walking the staff had to do to provide the required treatments. There are additional needs to be able to change hospitals to provide more out-patient clinical care, while in other cases there is a need to enable hospitals to change on-demand in case of mass disaster, There is no good tool in the market today that enable to test a new hospital design, taking into account the processes, the people movements, or simulate extreme situations. This disclosure tackle the above problems by using the Virtual World technology and incorporate process modeling, people behaviors and reactions by providing a virtual hospital which can simulate to the medical staff the real hospital and provide a play ground where multiple type of situations can be simulated, different structures can be used, and different processes can be tested

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3D Process Driven Hospital Restructure

The idea is to use virtual world technology for simulating the restructure of hospitals, changes in processes, or reaction to emergency situations. Our idea is that it can be possible to use library of healthcare procedures, and library of actions/behaviors of the medical staff, to provide 3D simulation tools. Using those building blocks, it is possible to create a virtual environment that can simulate hospital transformation, testing new processes or new situations. For instance, in case of large epidemic, will be possible to test the needs to treat 10x number of patients arriving daily and suggest methods to deal with such a situation based on testing the virtual hospital instead of the real life situation. This invention will enable also to adopt new training methods of medical staff and could be used in medical schools as well.

    The invention is based on the idea to use virtual environment to simulate and test the hospital structure design based on the hospital processes. The invention includes several ideas:
use virtual worlds for simulation of hospital structure design
map the hospital processes to the virtual world
Model the processes and use the model as input to the structural design create avatars library to present roles in hospital
create objects library to present objects in the hospital
provide a tool to enable architectural design changes based on process optimization
integrate KPIs of the hospital care and administration and visualize in the virtual environment
Indicate in real-time flaws in the structure design based on the processes modeling
Create a framework to model and add physical constrains to the avatars such as the need to eat, sleep, rest go to bathroom etc. This will then used to better model and realize constrains in the structure and in the process
Add monitoring and collection capabilities for the various outputs and indicators generated by the avatars and other artifacts at the virtual world (such as monitoring the number of steps done by the avatar). This will allow gaining better insights about the process and the KPIs and will help optimize the real-life processes
The in...