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System, method and device for identification and notification of printer / copier errors Disclosure Number: IPCOM000180099D
Original Publication Date: 2009-Mar-04
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2009-Mar-04
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The advent of automatic paper feeder in paper copier / printer did a lot to alleviate the laborious work at the copiers. However, occasionally one finds himself with copies where number of pages were skipped and others that were missed (because they were two sided ..). At that point if one wants to save the world/paper/trees she has to get into a manual procedure and do the comparison of what was copied against the original pile of paper by hand to rectify the problem. Additionally, when a problem does occur, the user may be unable to describe the problem in language which is meaningful to the repair technician

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System, method and device for identification and notification of printer / copier errors

The output path of the copier / printer is equipped with an additional scanning device which scans the printed pages as they are ejected to the output bin. This scanner may include OCR technology such that the text content of the page is captured, or a simple bit image of the image.

    As pages are ejected, the images are saved, with older scanned images discarded, in a round-robin fashion, based on the path length of the copier (that is, a copier / printer whose internal workings has 4 pages "in process" would have at least 4 pages worth of scanned memory). When a fault is detected, the scanned images are compared against the input images, either in the form of the initial scanned image (for a copier) or the generated image (for a printer). By comparison between the images of the pages ejected into the output bin, versus the images which were transferred to paper for printing, the printer will be able to determine precisely which pages have been emitted.

    As an additional claim, the subject disclosure includes the ability to transmit the most recently output images to the copier / printer key operator or maintenance personnel for diagnosis when a fault is detected. Thus, the key operator or maintenance personnel has an actual image from the printer output and needn't rely on such vague problem descriptions as "there are lines across the page".

    Another claim is the ability of the copier to recognize a two-side-page for what it is (especially if it happened to be in the middle of lots of single sided pages ..) and print both sides, or diagnose that problems have occurred on one of the two sides, such as if the print or copy failure was the result of the page being "flipped over" internally during either printing or copying.

    Thus, it would be advantageous to have a system, method and device which performed analysis of actual printer / copier output pages, and notification to various persons, of problems which have been identified. Note that these are not problems, such as "Toner Low", "Prin...