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Cryogenic Machining of Composites

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Publication Date: 2009-Mar-04
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Cryogenic Machining of Composites

The current processes involving machining of composite parts (carbon, glass or aramid fiber-based composites) involve dry machining at low cutting speeds and feeds to prevent heat build-up.  The heat build-up melts the resins onto the cutting tool and causes loss of the cutting edge, resulting in poor surface finish and tool life.

Process cooling involving a cryogenic fluid (gas, gas and liquid or liquid at temperatures below -80˚F) has been shown to improve the heat management of the cutting process in composites, resulting in minimization of the deposited resin and leading to improved part surface finish and significantly longer tool life.  The temperature range of the cryogenic fluid could be between

-80˚F and -320˚F, with a preferable temperature range of between -200 and -280˚F.  Enhanced cooling also allows for increasing the feeds and cutting speeds without detrimental effects on surface finish or tool life.