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Assistance for alerting emergency personnel when a driver is incapacitated Disclosure Number: IPCOM000180496D
Original Publication Date: 2009-Mar-10
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2009-Mar-10
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Disclosed is a method that helps take preventive action to avoid accidents and improves the quality and accuracy of the medical response during a crisis. This method also minimizes injury and improves the driver's survival rate.

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Assistance for alerting emergency personnel when a driver is incapacitated

Many accidents have occurred or lives have been lost due to drivers taking to the road with known conditions (e.g., strokes, heart attacks, falling asleep, having seizures or other reactions to an illness). Their conditions are known, however when the symptoms might occur is unpredictable. If they occur while driving, it not only causes a danger to themselves, but to others on the road. There are tools for monitoring critical conditions of individuals, however those tools are not smart enough to take preventive actions and avert dangerous situations.

This method is outlined as follows:
1. Driver and/or medical practitioners have programmed the device of the known issue based on the level of emergency and determine what actions need to be taken based on the level of emergency: range of acceptable medical condition thresholds as determined by the patient and/or patient's medical practitioners.
2. Device detects known issues, triggers an alert and sends the car a notification.
3. Car reacts to the problem by taking necessary steps to move out of harms way, through one or a combination of the following methods:

An alert is sent to surrounding vehicles that the car is under distress.

The speed of the car is lowered to a manageable rate and the car is slowly moved off the road.

Emergency personnel are promptly alerted. May also alert other personnel (such as...