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Password-Driven Profile Management Disclosure Number: IPCOM000180504D
Original Publication Date: 2009-Mar-11
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2009-Mar-11
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This solution provides a password-driven profile for users to make profile management more safely and freely. Currently, as we know, different information in a system has different security level. For example, in an IM system, there are contact list and personal information. Some can be shared to others and some can not. Our solution is just the way to manage your information with different security level, which provides different user profiles to one ID with its own authentication and IM information. Thus, you can manage your information by different profiles. Here is a simple example to illustrate the convenience of our solution in IM system. When you use an IM both for work purpose and after work use, the contact list of your IM will be mixed up of different contacts, such as your friends, your old classmate and your work colleague. It is difficult for the IM users to manage their contact list in this way. In our solution, we can divide the contact list into different groups, such as friend group, classmate group and colleague group, and manage each group’s members and information via different profiles and give its own authentication. Therefore, when you are at work, you can just login your IM system with the profile which only show you your work colleague. And when you are at home, you can login your IM system with the profile which only show you your friends and classmate.

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-Driven Profile Management

Driven Profile Management

Most of systems often provide user ID-driven profile which can't control information security level for the same user ID. Our solution will provide users a way by which the same user ID can have a few different password-driven profiles and by this way one account with different password can control shown information level by different usages.

First, by providing different profiles to the same account (password-driven profile), we can implementthe same account with different contact list and we can contact different people with the same account, but people who is contacted don't know this at all. Sometimes we have to tell the account and password to a few people, we can provide the password with lowest security level.

Second, by providing different profiles to the sameaccount (password-driven profile), we can control information access by different password. Some information can be accessed by this password and other information can be accessed by another password. If one password is stolen, we'll only lose part of information and it will provide safer authentication.

Last, we can set simple password for shared information access and set complicated password for private information access. By this way, we'll provide a simple but safer information access method.