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A Method and Apparatus for Generating Contextual Email from Historical Mail Threads

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000180524D
Original Publication Date: 2009-Mar-11
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2009-Mar-11
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we propose a new method and apparatus to build contextual information of mails and insert the above contextual information into mails. The mail thread relationship builder will create the contextual linkage between mail threads, user can make a choose after the system provides some contextual information and to decide whether they take the contextual information or just part of them through Thread Selector, in the end, the email composer will integrate the contextual information and email to build up a contextual email

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A Method and Apparatus for Generating Contextual Email from Historical Mail Threads

1. Background: What is the problem solved by your invention? Describe known solutions to this problem(if any). What are the drawbacks of such known solutions, or why is an additional solution required? Cite any relevant technical documents or references.

Email System is one of the important communication channels in the Internet. With the information explosion, more and more content are added into email. Too many emails will make a mass for our daily working, as a result, there will always be brusque situations in email transactions, such as losing background, forgetting the contextual, and etc,. . The receiver will always be offended by emails without contextual information. Some questions will happen, such as, Who is this guy? Why need I response this mail? Why should I help the sender?

So the contextual information is very important in social network and community. Emails with contextual information will be more understandable and more efficient in our communication. For example, we may want to send a mail to some persons who you are not familiar with, and want to give him a contextual reference email between him and you. It is very helpful to recall his memory and introduce yourself.

Traditionally, in email system, There are two related functions. One is Forward. we use Forward function to provide reference information to some extent. The Other is Mail Threads. Mail threads provide a chain of messages on a particular subject on the email system.

However, this solution is very weak when contextual information is complex. Especially, when the contextual information is distributed in several different mails, forward function can not meet such need. While Mail threads can only deal with email contexture with same topic, and can't handle other situations.

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