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System and Method for Constructing Dashboard Structure for IT Systems Disclosure Number: IPCOM000180624D
Original Publication Date: 2009-Mar-13
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2009-Mar-13
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This disclosure uses template of a tree with component and attributes for typical IT components (OS, router, database, application etc). Once the user defined services in dashboard, the system extends the dashboard structure with the template based on the type of the service node. The composed dashboard is populated with the data collected from inside of the components at runtime. With this disclosure, a complete dashboard of the system can be composed more quickly and data can be populated automatically based on predefined components. It could generate more accurate dashboard with less time for IT management.

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System and Method for Constructing Dashboard Structure for IT Systems

A system that has traditional dashboard capability and a mechanism to process component templates is needed for accomplishing the approach. The structureis shown below. The dashboard builder enables end user to compose a hierarchy of dashboard manually or via automatic discovery. The dashboard system composes complete dashboard by finding proper template from the repository and adds it to the dashboard. The template contains the attributes list and a tree structure for representing the relationship between the attributes. The attributes are structured for populate to upper level dashboard or calculating other attributes. The tree constructor scan the leaf node of the dashboard at runtime to check add or removal of leaf node. It checks the type of the leaf node and search the template repositor for templateto expand the dashboard tree.

Following is a sample implementation of the dashboard. It get a sub tree template based on the node type and populate the attributes of the nodes to formthe overall dashboard.



  tree constructor


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