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Method and system to debug shell scripts in a test environment Disclosure Number: IPCOM000180648D
Original Publication Date: 2009-Mar-13
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system to debug shell scripts in a test environment

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Method and system to debug shell scripts in a test environment

     Nowadays there are many commercial products that use shell scripts to perform various functionality, like installation, components configuration and so on. Shell scripting is a flexible and powerful way to perform any tasks, however developing a shell script requires a different approach compared to traditional programming languages. In particular testing a script that interacts with many components requires a specific test environment and the script can be modified and corrected without the need of producing a new build. Moreover shell scripts in the development environment contain some tagged values that are replaced after the installation with the actual values. In this scenario the debug/test of shell script can not be approached in the same way of programming languages unit test, anyway having the possibility to link the development and test environment is a great advantage for the developer.

     The proposed solution basically, works comparing the script files in the test environment with the source tree in the development environment. A typical test scenario would begin with the developer installing or copying the scripts to test in the test environment. A file system sharing (samba, nfs, ftp) or a different connection method should be configured to make the runtime scripts accessible from the development environment. At this point the untagged scripts, containing the actual values can be compared to the original code.

     An engine compares for the first time the source and runtime scripts buil...