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System and Method to Enhance Invention Collaboration Disclosure Number: IPCOM000180800D
Original Publication Date: 2009-Mar-17
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2009-Mar-17
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Individuals are assisted within an organization to locate co-inventors for future collaborations. Inventors are matched based on previous invention activity, skill level, and invention areas. The invention fosters collaboration within an organization to leverage the diverse capabilities of different inventors and to assist inventors in locating co-inventors.

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System and Method to Enhance Invention Collaboration


NOTE: In the below invention skills to facilitate an organization's disclosure submission process are detailed. These skills are necessary to properly articulate and defend an invention disclosure. It should be noted that all those who are selected to collaborate by this system have a responsibility to add substantive material to the claims of the invention as required by law or corporate guidelines. Such requirements are facilitated by the Area (of expertise) component of the matching system.

Each inventor has a profile stored on a central database. This profile may be updated either manually by the inventor (such as update skills, availability, requested areas of innovation that he or she would like to contribute) or automatically (such as the number of inventions filed by the inventor).

Each profile then has a set of links which connect to other inventor profiles. These links may either be manually set (Chris has worked with Rick in the past, so there is an association between the two) or automatically (Chris and Jim have filed similar ideas in the past, therefore there is a link between them).

Consider the following example graphical depiction of the central database:


Skills: Writeups Area : Virtual Worlds Available: No


Skills: Writeups Area : Virtual Worlds Available: Yes


Skills: Defense Area : Processors Available: Yes


Skills: Defense
Area : Virtual Worlds Available: Yes


Skills: Defense
Area : Virtual Worlds Available: No


Skills: Writeups Area : Virtual Worlds Available: Yes


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For the following examples assume that there are 6 profiles in a database. Each profile contains a number of attributes - Skills, Area of expertise and Availability. Assume that the lines between the profiles refer to whether or not the inventors have worked on any invention disclosure together in the past. The following examples illustrate the value of the proposed invention.

Example 1:

For exemplary purposes, assume that an inventor Chris has a base idea for a disclosure in the subject area of Virtual Worlds. Chris has excellent skills for verbal defense of the disclosure, but requires the assistance of another inventor that can help draft the disclosure text.

Chris inputs a request to search for an available resource to help him perform the disclosure draft for the new Virtual World idea.

Using this invention, a known 'breadth first' search algorithm is executed along each path in the taxonomy to find any available resources that may help Chris. All profiles within 'one hop' of Chris are searched first. Arvin does not have the necessary skills (he is skilled in defense rather than drafting) and Rick is unavailable. Jim is not skilled in the are of virtual worlds - instead being a processor expert.The search is then performed 'two hops' from Chris. Both Brian and Peter have the necessary skills and are avail...