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Charging Detection- RFID tag and System Disclosure Number: IPCOM000180910D
Original Publication Date: 2009-Mar-20
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2009-Mar-20
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Dock door equipped with RFID antennas and readers are commonly used in supply chain distribution centers for many industries. They are used to read RFID tags attached to Pallet, cases, and items for recording goods movements, e;g; before shipment , reception etc.. When a pallet goes thru a dock door, the RFID reader usually reads all the tags located on the pallet but also, in many instances, the tags around the pallet. This is inherent to the use of the UHF technology which is required for distance reading. These undesirable tags are sitting on pallets close to the dock door, or by wave reflection they could be as far as on the destination truck. Therefore, it would be desirable to have a way to read only tags that belong to the pallet which goes thru the door and only these ones. This problem is addressed herebelow

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Charging Detection- RFID tag and System


The principle of our invention is based on the fact that only RFID tags loaded on
a pallet and charged by a forklift should answer to the reader. Other tags do not respond to the reader.

This is achieved by the following system:
A new RFID tag has an additional feature which detects the presence of a magnetic field. By detecting this field the tag is set in "forklift aware" mode.

This field is created by a mechanical system coupled to an electrical dynamo built in the pallet structure. The generated energy is transformed to a magnetic field turning on a status bit made available to the tag when activated by the reader. The RFID reader willing to read tags loaded on the pallet and moving with the forklift uses a new command to interrogate only tags set in this mode. This is necessary to prevent tags sitting nearby the reader to answer to RFID reader requests.

  In this way items, cases and pallets equipped with this new RFID tag and pallet system will be the only one to respond to the reader when going thru a dock door. SOLUTION DESCRIPTION
New RFID tag : it detects a magnetic field emitted by the pallet when it is loaded on the forklift and the logic authorizes the tag to answer to RFID specific reader requests.

Magnetic field generation system: During pallet charging operation, forkl...