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Method to Presentation time control with external equipment Disclosure Number: IPCOM000181023D
Original Publication Date: 2009-Mar-24
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Method to Presentation time control with external equipment

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Method to Presentation time control with external equipment



. Background : What is the problem solved by your invention ? Describe known solutions to this problem (

(if any

                                                                             if any). What are the drawbacks of such known solutions , or why is an additional solution required ? Cite any relevant technical documents or references . What's the problem we have
1. As for current common presentation tools ,such as IBM Presentation,Microsoft PowerPoint and so on ,there is a function named "Rehearse Timings". Using this function, users can predefine consumption time for each slide . If predefined time is over when presentation, Microsoft PowerPoint will page the slide automatically for users . It is a simple solution for presentation time control , But there are some drawbacks .

1) People can not know the exact time of each slide even through rehearsing because there are too many unexpected things for example audience's questions when actual presentation . It is so bad for speaker that the slide is paged automatically when he answers audiences' questions.

2) People should change their predefined time frequently if they face different kinds of audiences . They must change the predefined time for every slide to adapt their audiences . It may take a lot of time .

2. As for some higher versions of presentation tools , for example Microsoft PowerPoint 2007, users can set date and time as their slides' footer. When they page the slide , the current time can be displayed . Below are some of its drawbacks :

1) The date and time can not be updated until users page the slide . So the users can not know the time they have spend on the current slide. It is not conducive to control time .

2) Users can plan their presentation through "Rehearse Timings" function. They can allocate the time of each slide before presentation. But this solution only show the time when paging the slide , and there is no way to help users to preplan their presentation.

3. In order to display the real time , a solution based Flash tech is introduced . This solution embeds a small Flash widget into slides. This widget can show the current real time , and also can provide a process bar to point the spending time and remaining time . This is a popular solution currently , but it still have some drawbacks .

1) It need Flash tech knowledge to write such a Flash widget .

2) It might break the slides ' graceful style. But this can be avoided by good design for the widget .

3) The most important disadvantage is that in the most formal presentations , speakers don't want to show their time control information to audiences because it might give speaks pressures . This problem can never be resolved if we display time control information on screen.

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