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System and Method for Web Application Traffic Control Disclosure Number: IPCOM000181031D
Original Publication Date: 2009-Mar-24
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2009-Mar-24
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In this disclosure, a monitoring system is used to monitor the resources (CPU, memory, disk) usage and availability on each machine that server parts of the web application. The resource usage status is send to a control unit which has the capability to calculate an adjustment strategy and adjust the thread pool of the components on each servers (http, application and database) and network devices. With this disclosure, the traffic to the web application is controlled based on the available infrastructure resources. With available resource, each access can have expected performance. In high workload situation, the traffic can be controlled to avoid overloading the system and keep system available to valuable customers. It can optimally use the infrastructure resources to serve business operation in various situations. The disclosure can help companies to meet the challenge of getting most value from the dynamic web access with low cost web infrastructure.

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System and Method for Web Application Traffic Control

A diagram shows sample architecture for implementing the disclosure. The sample web application has three components (web server, application logic and back storage) on 3 machines. End user requests from internet areforwarded by a router to the web server for accessing the application.

The monitor collects application activity and resource usage information from all machines hosting components of the web application (and middleware). The monitor transfers the information to the control unit whichcan controls the settings of individual componentson each machines to adjust the web traffic.

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There are several ways for the server on the machines to receive and accomplish the traffic control and other commands from the control unit. One way forcontrolling the traffic is to automate the setting of thread pool of the server. The control unit can send commands tothe agent on the machine to change the number of thread in the pool of the server. The commands could be the number of the thread, or a relative direction for increase ordecrease. Once received the command, the agent could invoke proper commands to set the number and make it effective timely. The control unit may continue check the result of setting change and adjust for optimizing the application performance and resource usage.

It is also possible to control the traffic by control response of the web server to each access request. A plug-in can be inserted into the http server exit checking each incoming access request. The plug-in can check command from the control unit and decide how to handle the requests. The plug-in can be built for special application or generalize applications. For example, for Olympic ticketing, if we found database overloading is the reason of crash, t...