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Cord Cover for Easy Untangling Disclosure Number: IPCOM000181642D
Original Publication Date: 2009-Apr-08
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2009-Apr-08
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Cord threading cover that attaches around a cable allowing one to pull a cable through an entanglement of diverse cords

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Cord Cover for Easy Untangling

The invention is that of a flat metal piece that wraps itself around a cord. The flat shape would snap around the cable when the flat piece was bent in any location. The form would take its final shape as a cone with a hole in its top. The upper hole in the cone being smaller than the cord such that it would squeeze the cord gently and still be moveable up the cord when the thumb screws need to be accessed. The cone being opened or split down the one side for access around the cord. The split where the cone comes together could overlap itself (the flat metal pattern as it comes together to create the cone shape). This is adaptable to many different shapes and sizes cables and plugs. It also holds the cone firm to the cord which reduces sliding along the cord. The cover could be easily removed and reapplied when the cord needed to be tightened or loosened. See figure 1 for illustrative detail.


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