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Synchronous callback from database facilitated by database driver Disclosure Number: IPCOM000181684D
Original Publication Date: 2009-Apr-09
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2009-Apr-09
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The Idea is to introduce a callback mechanism in the database driver, which would enable the application developer to subscribe for real time notifications on change of database resources.

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Synchronous callback from database facilitated by database driver


Puneet Sharma, Shettigar Srinivas


Idea is to introduce a call back mechanism in database driver; application registers these callbacks with database along with rule to invoke the callback based on the changes happening in database. If a rule associated with the particular callback is satisfied, database server will invoke the external callback.

Know Problems:

Currently there is no standard way to notify the database client application regarding the change in the data or Metadata of Database. E.g.: in EJBs, OR mappings and SQLJ enabled applications, when there is change in the database data or Metadata the application code should be invalidated.

Similar to data and metadata changes, there could be few events which should be conveyed to the client application to take appropriate actions. Example:
i) When the database server is being shutdown and application needs to be notified so that application will save in memory data to persistent store.
ii) When the data in database server in exceed a particular limit and application needs to do clean up.

Known Solutions:

Write specific code in Triggers to notify the client application.

In this approach there is no standard being followed, individual developer would write code specific to requirement and platform.

No inbuilt support provided by Database and Database Driver.

Client application polls the Database to check for updates/changes.

This is not real-time approach; client application does not get notified when the eve...