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Parallel Coherent CONOPS Evolution Disclosure Number: IPCOM000181711D
Original Publication Date: 2009-Apr-09
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2009-Apr-09
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Parallel Coherent Concept of Operations Evolution

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Parallel Coherent CONOPS Evolution

Parallel Coherent CONOPS EvolutionParallel Coherent CONOPS Evolution

This concept extends the concepts of IBM 's Rational* Unified Process - Systems Engineering ( RUP-SE). It builds upon the database properties of the Unified Modeling Language and the related RUP-SE processes by integrating Concept of Operations (CONOPS) evolution with the parallelism provided by the database properties . The essence of the idea is to evolve the CONOPS with coherent parallel activities in order to reduce the time required to Network-Centric transformation of our customers.

The CONOPS drives the organization. The objective of the engineering flow is to evolve an organization's capability transformation to a NCW capability . The CONOPS is their description, in essence, of the business processes. The underlying process develops the technology necessary to evolve this process . This process could be applied to business process re-engineering equally as well as a transformation to an NCW capability. The point is that this is a structured process that identifies improvement opportunities, evaluates them with the appropriate stake holders , and when appropriate commits implementation to a RUP -SE process. Historically, large-scale process improvement was a serial process largely because the underlying technology was based upon hardcopy documents . It was not possible to have multiple improvement processes underway in parallel -- the technology did not support it. RUP-SE, and its underlying use of a UML model changes this limit . We can thus conceive and execute these processes in parallel . Jargo...