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Auxilarily Air Intake and Alerting System for Electronic System Disclosure Number: IPCOM000181782D
Original Publication Date: 2009-Apr-13
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2009-Apr-13
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Computers are often located in dusty environments where airbone particles clog intake air vents and cause overheating of the electronic componts. The intakes are difficult to clean since the particles stick to the intake grille or screen and often go uncleaned

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Auxilarily Air Intake and Alerting System for Electronic System

The concept is a low cost and reliable way to provide a signal to the system that the airflow is reduced and may require service. A flexible sheet with insulator and conductor layers acts as a capacitor. The flexible sheet will open when the intake begins to clog due to the negative pressure buildup and begins to peeling away from the metal computer chassis. The opening of the flap also allows additional airflow into the enclosure as a backup air intake source.

As the flap is lifted the capacitance changes and this difference is sensed by the computer system through electrical contacts attached to the each metal layer. The capacitance value indicates the the vent is clogged and the need to service the unit. The system can use this data to send a signal to the service processor via System Management software to a remote located Maintence Server that this terminal needs the vents cleared.