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Variable Cover Opening Brake Based on Printer Attitude Disclosure Number: IPCOM000181786D
Original Publication Date: 2009-Apr-13
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2009-Apr-13
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Invention is to automatically deploy a printer top cover decelerator brake for a wall mount attitude and automatically stow it for a table mount attitude.

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Variable Cover Opening Brake Based on Printer Attitude

As presently designed IBM's thermal printer top covers open with a touch of a button actuating springs that pop up the cover to an opened paper load position. A drag strip attached to the top cover passes through and over the pinch points on the printer frame. This serves to slow down or brake the top cover as it is connected to the drag strip. As the top cover is opened by the springs the drag strip passes through the pinch points thus decelerating the cover. Invention is to add another pinch point by virtue of having it swing into place automatically when the printer is moved from the table mount position
to the wall mount position. In a position 45 degrees from table mount tilted up from the back the device does is not impinge upon the drag strip but in an attitude tilted back 45 degrees from table mount the device is half way over the drag strip and is activated by the thicker portion of the strip as the cover opens thus decelerating the cover at the appropriate point for that attitude. The device would also swing out of the way and remove the pinch point upon changing the printer from wall mount to table mount. See Figure 1 for illustrative description


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