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Lift Reservation System Disclosure Number: IPCOM000181848D
Original Publication Date: 2009-Apr-15
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2009-Apr-15
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Method and a system for booking an elevator at a given time for a predefined floor.

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Lift Reservation System

    It is common to have dedicated elevators in places where they are heavily used and especially in emergency (like hospitals, clinics ...). The common problem is that even if they are not normally used by all the people (like visitors, employees ...), but only by a restricted authorized group (often they are enabled by a key), there is no way to prioritize the requests received at the same time and there is no possibility to reserve the elevator for a certain hour of the day. One way is that, a little time in advance, someone keeps the elevator doors open to be sure to get it on time. Even if there are several elevators available and dedicated ones, there is no assurance to get them when needed.

    Each request to get an elevator is associated with the person making it (through a badge for example) and also a reason code for that request can be added to identify the urgency.

    The system is able to order all the requests received based on the priority and on the urgency (a lift request for coffee break is less urgent than the request to bring an old person to get some diagnostics exams, that is less urgent if an emergency surgery is the reason for the request) and to serve them optimizing the needed time to get the lift.

    Another advantage is the possibility to reserve in advance an elevator: knowing that in few minutes a surgery operation is going to end and the person needs to get as soon as possible to the intensive therapy unit. The system knows the specific time frame when there will be an emergency call and gets ready.

Another advantage is related to the fact that the system, knowing in advance the reservations and the priority of the requests (you need to go down but there are a couple of requests to go up having a higher priority), can provide an average wait time to the people waiting...