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Automated car parking fee charging and verification system enabled with on-board car device Disclosure Number: IPCOM000181903D
Original Publication Date: 2009-Apr-17
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2009-Apr-17
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Automated car parking fee charging and verification system enabled with on-board car device.

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Automated car parking fee charging and verification system enabled with on -board car device

Todays (car) parking systems are based on at least partly dedicated hardware infrastructure. The parking systems need to:
define and show the driver the parking area


provide information about the parking parameters such parking fees rates and


parking fee calculation, e.g. rate per hour. The rate may differ per day and time. A payment system such as a self-service machine to pay the parking fee e.g.


with cash, credit card etc.

A verification method to provide information if the parking fee has been paid and


if parking fee rules including date and time are valid.

This can be done with a receipt showing date, time etc. to be placed in the car on the dash board, or an individual parking meter per parking slot. This is just an example for todays parking solution.

These todays implementations are very costly due to the high amount of infrastructure, very inflexible and very user unfriendly. Most systems are "prepaid" parking fee systems, where the driver has to guess his parking time and may pay to much or has the risk of a fine. If a todays parking system allows payment for actual parking hours, the infrastructure costs are even higher, as the system must prohibit users to leave without paying.

The described system is based on an on-board device in the car. This device can be a new device or even base on available navigation systems and GSM communication devices available in most modern cars today. It can be an additional application on an integrated car navigation system, an after market navigation device or even a mobile phone with GPS sensor which are getting very popular such as the iPhone or Nokia SmartPhones N95.

The system needs to have a digitized map with the parking area information, a GPS sensor and a GSM connectivity. The map can be local on the device or been down loaded when needed.The map contains all parking area relevant information such as:
- parking area location and shape, parking fees etc.

To accurately identify the parking area, a low tolerance positioning systems such as GPS is needed.

System behavior and usage:

When the driver / car is entering a parking lot, the parking parameters will be shown to the driver....