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Advanced RFID Collision Detection System Disclosure Number: IPCOM000181985D
Original Publication Date: 2009-Apr-21
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2009-Apr-21
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The proposed invention seeks to prevent costly mistakes and accidents by leveraging RFID technologies to prevent or notify operators of potential collisions between two or more objects. Embodiments of the invention may use active, passive or semi-active RFID. The proposed system requires several components and methods. The first component is a method to detect RFID and detect a potential collision based on RFID. The second method is a method to notify the operator or take action to prevent a collision. The proposed invention may be applied to numerous fields of practice, however this disclosure will describe one example system embodied within a vehicle.

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Advanced RFID Collision Detection System

Invention Steps:

(1) Detect RFID

(2) Discern if RFID represents a potential collisions

(3) Notify operator

(4) Optionally, avoid collision

The proposed invention may be applied to many different embodiments. This disclosure will describe a specific embodiment of a vehicle and a common object that may a vehicle may collide with, such as a garage door.


RFID Detection

The proposed system uses known methods of RFID detection. The RFID detector may be placed in the vehicle's bumpers or on the parts of the vehicle that define the boundaries of the vehicle such as doors, hood ornaments, etc. Known methods may be used by the RFID detector to detect RFID tags within a specified range of the detector.

Potential Collision Detection

The system may detect potential collisions by using one of several methods. The first method is learned RFID object discernment. The second method is RFID object distance estimation. The RFID object discernment system learns which objects may be potentially dangerous if collision occurs. For example, each RFID object may have a unique product code. The operator of the vehicle could enter into the proposed invention a list of RFID numbers that represent objects that could cause damage upon collision. These objects numbers may also be pre-populated in the system. In another embodiment, RFID objects may have a category code, such that all garage doors contain the same category code. As such the system would discern between a garage door, and a potentially benign object such as a plastic...