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System to Distribute Geographical Vehicle Service and Repair Information Disclosure Number: IPCOM000182075D
Original Publication Date: 2009-Apr-23
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2009-Apr-23
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Disclosed is a system to provide consumers with both objective and subjective data relevant to vehicle service and repair through a system of automated collection and exchange of such service data between proximate vehicles.

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System to Distribute Geographical Vehicle Service and Repair Information

The present system combines functionality available in current modern vehicles with new logic and algorithms. New and unique elements introduced in this system provide the mechanism a way to share and analyze vehicle service records between a plurality of proximate vehicles in order to inform and assist consumers faced with the need to make a service decision. Fig. 1 below is an example high level logical block diagram of the system components:

wireless communication system to send and receive service record data between


proximate vehicles

standard dashboard indication illumination system optionally updated with one or


more state indicators responsive to the present system

analysis logic used to filter and categorize inbound service record data with


current service requirements

input - output system whereby service record data may be manually entered,


modified, or viewed

standard in-vehicle computer system


standard / expanded in-vehicle computer system memory storage


standard in-vehicle diagnostic and error detection system


standard / expanded in-vehicle computer system media based storage


logic module that tracks only standard and scheduled service as opposed to error


conditions (logic may be incorporated into function 7)

Figure 1: Example Logic Modules

communication system


dashboard alert system


Analysis logic


data in - output system


vehicle computer

Memory storage system



error detection system


data storage system


service tracking system


Modern vehicles record and maintain a multitude of data regarding the vehicle's


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operational state. The present system utilizes the data currently collected by modern vehicles, along with new input data, in order to create within the vehicle's computer system a complete closed loop record of a service or repair experience. The record would likely include such data as, but not limited to, the following:

service and diagnostic codes

service requirement or problem description

service facility ID

service technician ID

parts used and associated cost

labor performed and associated cost

elapsed service time

customer rating of service experience

Also, these service records would begin based on criteria such as the following:

a diagnostic code is recorded due to a detected error

a service code is set when normal scheduled service is due (oil change, for example)

a service record is entered manually by either the vehicle owner or mechanic (owner decides to replace tires, for example, and begins record for tire replacement)

The service record would then continue to be updated both automatically and/or manually until such time as the record is marked as complete, or closed by the vehicle owner or mechanic. Normal input from the in-vehicle computer system would continue to take place, while the input devices used to manually input...