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Method for dynamic time calculation of a firmware update Disclosure Number: IPCOM000182472D
Original Publication Date: 2009-May-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2009-May-01
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This invention proposes a mechanism for the Hardware Management Console (HMC) to determine the firmware update duration time dynamically based on the system configuration and on the Flexible Service Processor (FSP) performance.

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Method for dynamic time calculation of a firmware update

Based on historical data it has been observed that the expected time of a firmware update operation might greatly differ from the actual time depending on hardware, system configuration, system resources, etc. If the operation takes longer than expected, then the customer would be left to wonder if something is wrong. On the other hand, if the operation completes sooner than expected and the customer has left the site, precious time is wasted.

Software updates performed on PCs automatically adjusts the operation time based the network speed, But that is not enough to accurately calculate the firmware update time on an eServer system. Therefore, this invention proposes a mechanism to include system configuration and specific performance into the formula to calculate the operation time.

The dynamic calculation of the firmware update function duration time is based on the size of the firmware image, system history, and configuration dependencies. The system history includes the average time for various boot processes and collection of Vital Product Data (VPD) (Fig. 2). Finally, the automatic time adjustment during the operation takes place at various key checkpoints. The overall process is shown in Fig.

Figure 1.


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