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Remuneration Method to Increase Media Revenue Disclosure Number: IPCOM000182481D
Original Publication Date: 2009-May-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2009-May-01
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The proposed invention describes novel methods to entice and verify users are watching commercials on recorded content. Methods are disclosed to enable a user to opt-in to commercial remuneration. Furthermore, methods are described to validate after opt-in that a user has watched a specific commercial. The proposed invention may enhance commercial retention as well as increase the number of individuals that view a particular commercial. Such advancements would increase revenue for DVR producers and potentially content providers.

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Remuneration Method to Increase Media Revenue


In order to increase the probability of a user watching a commercial, an automatic element detects the N last shows watched by a viewer (e.g. TV broadcast, DVR show, DVD show), and alters the commercial based on the content of last N shows as well as the current show. For example, if the viewer's last two shows were action shows, the advertisers of a soft drink will insert an ad with action content. On the other hand, if the last two shows were romances or comedies, a different soft drink commercial would be inserted. Alternatively, if one of the last N shows features a particular actor, a cartoon character, a phrase, or a genre, this may be inserted into the commercial, preferably near the start of the commercial, to coax potential consumers to watch the commercial. For example, if the current show features a cartoon character, the voice of the cartoon character may automatically be used on top of the first 5 seconds of the commercial, e.g. "cartoon character drinks Brand X Cola" or "cartoon character uses Brand X computers." Various features of the current and last N shows may be provided as metadata with each show. Such metadata may consists of tags, such as: comedy, cartoon, action, romance, drama, etc.


1. System determines features of current and last N shows by examining metadata associated with shows
2. Based upon metadata, commercial is altered, said alteration being any of: selection of a particular commerical advertisement, the use of custom voices or text, etc.

Other Features and Embodiments

Opt-in Methods

Some user may not wish to participate in remuneration for watching commercials. As such, in the preferred embodiment, users may opt-in to the proposed invention. Many potential methods may be deployed by which the user may opt-in to the proposed invention. Methods include standard DVR user interaction such as a remote control and a set of menus that correspond to options and settings. In other embodiments, the user may employ a web browser to access a website operated by the DVR provider and using standard navigation and form submissions techniques enroll in commercial remuneration. In yet another embodiment, the user may be enrolled into commercial remuneration through a customer service representative contacted by telephone.

Commercial Interaction

In this method when a commercial has started, the user is unable to fast forward or skip the commercial. Commercials may be detected by known commercial detection methods or through new meta-data provided within the broadcast. It is known to include


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