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Method to Enhance Collaboration Software Disclosure Number: IPCOM000182627D
Original Publication Date: 2009-May-04
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2009-May-04
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The proposed invention is a method to improve spell checking in collaboration programs such as IBM Lotus Notes. Several methods are proposed to enhance spell checking suggestions and as well as an overall method that describes the steps in which to deploy these methods. Employing these steps, in the order proposed, may result in an enhanced utility for spell checking suggestion software, like that found in IBM and Lotus products. The proposed invention learns to provide better suggestions by tracking which words are selected from a set of proposed words, noting both the words before and after to gain the context of the misspelled word. Additionally, selections should be shared with others in your collaboration group including the word or words before or after the misspelled word and respective spelling correction.

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Method to Enhance Collaboration Software

Invention Details

The proposed invention contains two distinct parts that work in combination to provide enhanced utility to collaboration software. The first part is a system to acquire spell check probabilities, and the second is a system to employ spell check probabilities.

Acquire Spell Check Probabilities

This sub system, consists of multiple components to acquire spell check correction probabilities. The method steps for the proposed system include: (1) Spelling error detected using known methods.

(2) User initiates methods to correct a spelling, suggestions displayed in accordance with method steps for "Employ spell check probabilities" system below. (3) User selects correct spelling, among suggestions

(4) System stores locally word before and after misspelled word.

(5) System transmits spelling correction and word before or after misspelled word to proposed collaboration spelling service.

Misspelling Detection

Misspelling detection is done as is known in the current art. The spell checkers may operate on individual words by comparing each of them against the contents of a dictionary, Any misspelled words may be highlighted such that the user is aware that a misspelling has occurred.


Upon a user selecting a misspelling, they may be given a list of words that are suggested corrections for the misspelled word. Such systems are known in the art. The user then may select one of the properly spelled words. After selection, the proposed invention notes the selected word, and the words immediately before and after the previously misspelled word. These words are sent to the local and collaborative spelling service described below.

Local Storage

The local storage system stores the words immediately before and after a misspelled word as received from the selection component described above. These words are used by the system described below to employ spell check probabilities.

Collaborative Spelling Service

This service receives words immediately before and after a misspelled word and a list of collaborators and stores them for use by the system described below to employ spell check probabilities. The list of collaborators may be provided by the collaboration program, such as IBM Lotus Notes*, or may be automatically detected by a an email


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server based on the destination and from fields of emails that pass through that serve


Collaborators may be defined by a specified number of email exchanges between individuals.

Employ Spell Check Probabilities

This sub system, consists of multiple components to employ spell check correction probabilities. This system orders the spell checkin...