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Project Azure-Towards the Reality Disclosure Number: IPCOM000182664D
Publication Date: 2009-May-05

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Denis Marchand

Project Leader Bouygues Offshore

Martin Mayer

Process Manager
M W Kellogg Limited

John Sheffield
Manager Process Technology M W Kellogg Limited

IBC Global Conferences Limited

Investing business with knowledge

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Project Azure:

Towards the reality of producing LNG on an FPSO

Denis Marchand

Project leader, Bouygues Offshore

Martin Mayer

Process Manager, M.W.Kellogg Limited

John Sheffield

Manager, Process Technology, M.W.Kellogg Limited

October 1999

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Over the past 20 years the development of hydrocarbon processing on a floater has become a reality and there are now many vessels of various configurations processing crude oil and gas in a variety of sea conditions. To date the concept has not been extended to LNG production although there have been many studies to explore the concept. In recent years there has been a significant increase in the level of interest. This has been largely driven by two factors:

Environmental pressure to eliminate flaring, which in the case of fields isolated from gas transportation systems leaves no option but to re-inject the gas if the crude oil is to be exploited.

The identification of remote off-shore fields with limited reserves, which cannot be economically exploited by conventional technology.

Project AZURE

Project Azure is a development programme funded under the EU THERMIE programme. Its objective is to further the development of technologies and concepts for the complete LNG train from production to regasification. A consortium of European engineering companies has been formed to carry out this work.

The main members of the consortium are:

Bouygues Offshore: Project leader. Design of concrete hull and regasification system

M.W.Kellogg Ltd: Design of liquefaction process and process utilities

Chantiers de I' Atlantique: Design of steel hull for FPSO (Floating Production

Storage & Offloading)

Fincantieri: Design of steel hull for FSRU (Floating Storage & Regasification Unit)

FMC: Design of loading/unloading arm systems

The supporting associate members are:

Gas Transport and Design of storage systems

Technigaz (GTT):

Bureau Veritas: Classification

Registro Italian0 Navale Classification (RINA):

French Shipbuilding Study of sloshing motion in tanks

Research Institute (IRCN):

Project Scope

The main objective of the AZURE project is to demonstrate that a fully floating LNG chain, i.e. a floating LNG FPSO and a floating LNG FSRU, linked by LNG shuttle tankers, is a safe and economically viable option. The aim is to be in a position at

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