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New Direct Oxidation Process

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Publication Date: 2009-May-05
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Lotus cc:Mail for Floretta Turner

Author: Cristina Murcia at KHNT010J

Date: 1/12/98 1:32 PM
Priority: Normal
Receipt Requested
TO: Floretta Turner at KHNT010B, Urey Miller at USHOU07
CC: Mariella Raven at KHNT010E, James Strickland at KHNTOlOF, Wendell Kensell at KHNT010E Subject: TDA PAPER


Attached please find an electronic version of the following paper:

"New Direct Oxidation Process for Sulfur Recovery Promises Ease of Operation"

We are submitting this paper for review to the Publication Review Committee. This paper is scheduled to be published in the Spring 1998 issue of Petroleum Technology Quarterly.

Further, a version of this paper will be distributed at a poster session at the "48th Annual Laurance Reid Gas Conditioning Conference" hosted by the University of Oklahoma in Norman,Oklahoma in March. Additionly, we have been asked to update the paper for publication in the Spring 1998 issue of GasTips.

Please let me know an approimate ETA for their comments.

Best Regards,


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Subject: TDA PAPER

Author: Mariella Raven at khnt010e Date: 1/12/98 9:22 AM

The attached file is the latest version of TDA's paper.



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New Direct Oxidation Process for Sulfur Recovery Promises Ease of Operation

Prepared by

C.T. Ratcliffe, UNOCAL Corporation

Dr. G. Srinivas, TDA Research
M. Karpuk, TDA Research
D. Leppin, Gas Research Institute
W. Kensell, The M.W. Kellogg Company

M. Raven, The M.W. Kellogg Company Unocal Corporation
Exploration & Production Technology

14141 Southwest Freeway

Sugarland, Texas 77478

    TDA Research Inc. 12345 West 52nd. Avenue Wheat Ridge, Colorado 80033

  Gas Research Institute 8600 West Bryn Mawr Avenue Chicago, Illinois 60631

The M.W. Kellogg Company 601 Jefferson Avenue Houston, Texas 77002-7990



Contract No. 5095-220-3671

GRI Project Manager

Dennis Leppin

January 1998

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TDA Direct Oxidation


6500-105 Rev. 0

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TDA Research has recently developed a new catalyst for the direct oxidation of hydrogen sulfide (H2S) to sulfur. As part of a project funded by Gas Research Institute, UNOCAL Corporation, Spirit Energy (a business unit of UNOCAL) will host a demonstration unit on one of their offshore platforms in the Gulf of Mexico. The expectation is that this direct oxidation process will economically decrease the quantity of H2S that is presently incinerated to S02 and emitted to the atmosphere and produce bright yellow sulfur.

Process Solution

UNOCALlSpirit Energy interest in the selection of TDA Research's catalyst for a direct oxidation process is based on the process' simplicity and its high recovery capability. Another advantage that this process has is its potential for high on-stream time...