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Egypts Premier LNG Project

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Publication Date: 2009-May-05

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Gonzalo Fernández, Managing Director of Operations SEGAS


Ricardo Villanueva, New Projects and Infrastructure Director Union Fenosa Gas


Martin Mayer, Process Manager M.W. Kellogg Limited

London, U.K.

   Don Hill, Technology Director Charles Durr, Technology Vice President KBR
Houston, Texas, U.S.


  When the Union Fenosa Gas LNG project comes on stream it will not only be the first LNG project in Egypt but it will also be the largest capacity single LNG train facility ever built, having a capacity of approximately 5 MTPA. This LNG project will be producing LNG by the end of 2004, a mere 4½ years after its initial concept. The 4½ year period from concept to production is two years shorter, a 30% reduction, from the previous industry benchmark and a fraction of the industry norm. This LNG project is the first to be sanctioned and financed by a company outside the established international oil and gas community. This project will be the first base load LNG plant to process a feed gas from a national grid that has already been treated upstream in LPG plants or in onshore condensate removal facilities. The facility is totally self-contained and located at a greenfield site on the Mediterranean coast at the port of Damietta.

  This paper addresses the current status of Egypt's premier LNG project and key success factors including:

• Union Fenosa Gas as both the producer and main buyer of the LNG
• Technology selection
• Design competition
• Largest single LNG train capacity
• Economies of scale ($/tpa)
• Short front end lead time and EPC schedule
• Early procurement of long lead equipment such as gas turbines, refrigerant compressors, LNG storage tanks, and spiral wound heat exchanger


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• Selection of cooling mediam (air cooled plant)
• Optimisation of the liquefaction process to maximise LNG production based on a Split MRTM cycle with two Frame 7 gas turbine drivers, helper motors, and liquid expanders

• Selection of process schemes to enable operation with an unusual range of feed gas compositions and contaminants

• Plant location


  Lorsque le projet de GNL d'Union Fenosa Gas sera amené en ligne, il sera non seulement le premier projet de GNL en Égypte mais aussi l'usine de GNL à un seul train ayant la plus grande capacité jamais construite, soit environ 5 millions de tonnes par an. Ce projet de GNL produira du GNL d'ici la fin de 2004, seulement quatre ans et demi après sa conception initiale. La durée de quatre ans et demi entre conception et production est de deux ans plus courte que la meilleure réalisation précédente de l'industrie, soit une réduction de 30 %, et une fraction seulement des délais indus...