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LNG Plant Advisory System

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Publication Date: 2009-May-05

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Session and Paper Number: 42C


LNG Plant Advisory System - A Knowledge-Based Approach

Felix F. de la Vega

Jatin T. Shah

The M. W. Kellogg Company

P. O. Box 4557

Houston, Texas 77210-4557

"Prepared for presentation at

AIChE 1993 Spring National Meeting

31 March 1993

Applications of Artificial Intelligence I: Presentations"

"Copyright The M. W. Kellogg Company"

UDate: March 1993"


"AIChE shall not be responsible for statements or opini,ons

contained In papers or printed In Its publications. U

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    A real-time knowledge-based system known as the LNG Plant Advisory System (LNGPASTM) has been developed at The M. W. Kellogg Company to guide and assist LNG (liquefied natural gas) plant operators in control and operation of the LNG storage facilities.

    LNGPASTM comb.ines knowledge-based systems methodologies and conventional programming techniques to provide a unique approach in assisting plant operators in simplifying the logical decision process of monitoring and controlling the operation of the LNG storage facility. The system incorporates expert process knowledge, operating procedures, real-time sensor data and other information to provide vital, timely, on-line information, diagnostics, and advice.

   The system is designed to receive on-line process data from existing sensors, analyze them, detect abnormalities, and advise LNG plant operators on any corrective actions to minimize or prevent potentially dangerous situations, such as IIroliover". The system also assists operators in analyzing events which may have led to a potential rollover situation and/or predict the effects of any corrective actions to prevent it.

    LNGPASTM was developed using the M/Power real-time process management software environment by Mitech Corporation; it runs on DEC VAX computers. The system also uses Kellogg's specialized process simulator to perform various analyses and heat and material balance calculations.


   In today's control room environment, plant operators are faced with a significant challenge in maintaining control and operation of process plants. They are required to analyze critical process information in real time, diagnose potential plant upset conditions, take appropriate corrective actions to improve product quality and plant efficiency, prevent occurrences of potentially hazardous situations and/or costly

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shutdowns, etc. They use their operating experience, knowledge, and judgment to make various decisions.

    Real-time knowledge-based systems are ideally suited for the development of advisory or diagnostic systems for the operation and control of a processing facility. These systems provide a means to capture IIbest" plant operating philosophy in the fo...