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Gas Monetization Disclosure Number: IPCOM000182810D
Publication Date: 2009-May-05
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KBR/MWKL Technical Papers 2000 - 2005 Background and Introduction by C. Durr

Gas Monetization

With global energy demand soaring, monetization of the world's natural gas resources into commercial products has never been more important. By providing a way to bring remote gas to market, gas monetization projects transform the economies of developing countries while helping the world meet its growing requirements for fuel.

The gas monetization sector provides KBR with strong opportunities to grow future profitability. Our licensed technology portfolio and extensive liquefied natural gas (LNG) execution technology expertise places KBR in a unique position to provide an array of gas monetization solutions to the energy community. KBR has built more than half of the world's LNG production capacity and designed more LNG receiving terminals than any other contractor. KBR also is poised to capture the emerging Gas-to-Liquids (GTL) market, leveraging our project execution expertise in designing and constructing large, complex projects in remote locations.

Due to our strong position in the key growth market of gas monetization, we are keen on promoting our outstanding technical and execution capabilities to the energy community. To this end, we develop and implement annual communications plans geared toward enhancing KBR's presence in the marketplace, thereby leveraging our accomplishments to win new work. As part of the plan, we participate in various major LNG and natural gas industry conferences, such as those listed below. Our conference activities involve: participation on program committees; chairing technical and/or commercial sessions; presenting KBR papers; sponsoring conference booths and/or receptions; networking...