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Use of IVD Test to guide Patients to Imaging Procedures based on Susceptibility to Ionizing Radiation and previous Examinations Disclosure Number: IPCOM000182876D
Original Publication Date: 2009-May-27
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2009-May-27

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Today, imaging modalities are used to support the diagnosis and the treatment of patients. Due to an increasing average age of the population the number of chronically ill patients is increasing. Therefore multiple imaging procedures per disease type and per patient will become much more common than they are today. This implies a need to understand the risks of multiple imaging procedures on the health status of a person. Especially radiation effects are a major concern. Radiation effects have been investigated in distinct forms, reaching from the most extreme to moderate radiation levels. Various disasters and malfunctions of nuclear energy plants have shown the deadly effect of different kinds of radiation on the human body and other biological systems. All these data can be used to calculate backwards the real radiation exposure and the consequences seen on patients. On the other side we have the medical use of radiation to the benefit of a patient. The measurements and predictions needed to calculate which dose and exposure pattern benefits a specific patient most are still done based on statistic evidence. The radiation effects on an individual as well as the individual response to a certain radiation kind and dose is not taken into account by state of the art procedures.