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Method to Provide Accurate Power Consumption Data with Product Safety Rating Label Disclosure Number: IPCOM000183354D
Original Publication Date: 2009-May-19
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2009-May-19
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This article describes the invention of a configurable and upgradable safety agency label for servers and method of saving data that can be used to show actual power consumption for the specific server configuration the label is attached to.

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As data center personnel strive to be more "green," an important aspect is to better match the power consumption of the equipment to the electrical and mechanical infrastructure. There is quite a bit of published data, like equipment rating labels, manufacturer specification sheets, and power calculators, which give an estimate of power consumption, but do not provide the actual power consumption for a specific configuration purchased by the end user. More and more end users want to know their actual power consumption in the planning stage and want it printed on the equipment to make it official as well as supported by the manufacturer.

    The invention is an equipment rating label that has a portion of it available for specific machine configuration to provide the end user with the actual power consumption as measured by the manufacturer. The invention includes: An equipment rating label that is configurable to provide not only the product safety ratings, but also the actual equipment power consumption as measured by the manufacturer once built and tested prior to shipment. The equipment rating label may contain several actual power consumption values that coincide with utilization.

A database to store the information on each piece of equipment that is ordered and tested prior to shipm...