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A mechanism to provide contextual views in a communication client based on proximity alerts Disclosure Number: IPCOM000183570D
Original Publication Date: 2009-May-28
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2009-May-28

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Authors: Ananth Chakravarthy/India/IBM, Ravi S Gorawade/India/IBM, Indiver N Dwivedi/India/IBM The main idea of the invention is to pair the messaging client host (assuming that the host has got the infrastructure like bluetooth) with the users alternative collaboration client like the mobile or desktop phone device. There are essentially atleast a minimum of two hosts that are always present while describing the implementation of this disclosure. For example an immobile,resource rich host like the desktop and an alternative low resource but mobile device like a cell phone or even a desktop phone. Whenever these two hosts come in close proximity with each other, the two devices perform a handshake and establish a communication channel between each other. There are two scenarios that are to be considered. After the completion of the handshake, therer is information flow from once device to the other. The information that is propagated could be as simple as the VCard of the caller or even the contents of the call. The information that is propagated could then be used to trigger views on the messaging client. For example, this information flow could trigger a new view inside Lotis Notes client to provide all the collaboration history that happened between the two parties involved. It could also pop up a composite application that is preconfigured for the calling user and the receiver of the call.