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System and method for document based collaboration in the context of Instant Messaging Disclosure Number: IPCOM000183571D
Original Publication Date: 2009-May-28
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2009-May-28

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Disclosed is a mechanism to collaborate on documents from an instant messaging(IM) context by multiple users. There are existing centralized document management tools where multiple users can access the same document online and edit it. While they edit, they may need to collaborate with other users. Possibly they can chat with each other in another context during these edits or they can also chat in the same context. Or they can use other collaboration tools. Looking at it from another angle, we also need to be able to COLLABORATE ON DOCUMENTS WHILE WE ARE IN THE IM CONTEXT, FROM INSIDE THE IM CLIENT. The requirement is not just to collaborate using IM or other tools, while users are editing the document. Users must also be able to collaborate on the same document within the IM context. We shouldn't need to switch context from the IM client to collaborate on a document, like by using a centralized mechanism which allows the document to be shared between multiple users. Users participating in a voice or chat conference in an instant messaging context may frequently need to collaborate on a document. And they may need to discuss , edit or review the whole document or portions of the document. Based on their voice or chat discussions, they can reach a conclusion in the IM context and also prepare the final draft of the document.